I've started to read XKCD more and more often and have, of course, been slowly falling in love with it. One of the quirks that I didn't realize at first was that there's always a message/punchline/commentary when you hover the mouse over the image. But that seems to only work if you look at it on the actual site, at least unless you possess greater html skills than I do. So I'll just give you the hidden text in this one: "The question with Lucy and the football was always whether, on some level, she believed the things she said."


See also: Jealousy and Journal #2 for more of why I love this.

Today would have been reasonably okay if I hadn't come home after my committee member meeting to find a bunch of mouse shit in my kitchen. I'm horrified by the whole thing, but I can't really lay out a trap or anything unless I have someone on speed dial who will come over and take care of it for me. There are a lot of things I can deal with reasonably calmly. Vermin is not one of them. Like so many things in my life, this is something that both isn't my fault and feels like my fault.

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