I think your new haircut makes you look like a fool

...but of course I knew it was you the moment I saw you. I have pretty spectacular distance vision. Lucky me. And then I almost ran into you, when you were sitting on the floor in the aisle that has many of the books I work on but today I'm doing Tennyson not Coleridge so I didn't end up tripping over you.

Not that I'm going to be the one to talk first.

Yes, I *have* been a roiling pot of passive-aggressive angst today, and, no, it *wasn't* helped by having to quit working on my conference paper an hour and a half before the library closed only to spend that time trying to scan a bunch of stuff for my ridiculous workstudy assignment only to find that it's in the wrong file format and thus useless all because some dumbass was hogging the one scanner that doesn't have these problems by doing more than just scanning his documents, which is totally bad scanner etiquette so now I have to go back tomorrow and wrestle with this some more and do a bunch of other crap not related to my conference paper.

(For the record, technological shittiness and related issues of general library angst are the only things I get consistently upset about at my institution. This frustrates me even more than the fact that I still haven't gotten reimbursed for MLA. At least I got something out of that experience.)

The Mill on the Floss is less good than I remember it being.

I am going to drink a beer and then try to revisit what I can possibly cross of my to-do list when I'm in this mood. I'm thinking this would be a good time to tell the student who's missed six of the last nine classes that she's just out, plain and simple.

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