Undefinable Wednesday

I would say that yesterday, though not work-productive, was at least emotionally and personally productive. The Professor called me out of the blue, and we spent a greater part of the afternoon hanging out, doing some work (I got more done than he did, but that's to be expected)--like old times, though without all the fraughtness. And it seems like we're friends again, to a certain extent. It was nice.

The evening wasn't bad, either. There were a certain number of political jokes that had to be made. And, again, I say to myself that it's nice not to wake up by myself all the time.

Now to do some laundry before I go teach. I have a feeling that the next week or ten days or so is going to be kind of a festival of suck, workwise, but at least that means I'll save money. This week has been fun, but a bit on the expensive side.

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